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Vasectomy is the common name for male sterilisation – a permanent method of contraception. It is a simple surgical procedure that seals the sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens) to prevent sperm from entering the fluid you ejaculate. The procedure just takes about 15–20 minutes. We use a No Scalpel technique to achieve this. There is a lower complication and infection rate using this method.

The fee for vasectomy including all pre procedure counselling, and follow up semen analysis is €450. If there is anything at all that you are unsure about or that is worrying you, please do ask. Our vasectomy cost is very competitive and our doctors are very experienced.

Any man who decides that he definitely does not want to have any more children or any children at all. It is a permanent procedure, so you must be absolutely sure about your decision – you cannot change you mind afterwards. We therefore offer a consultation with counselling prior to the procedure taking place. It is possible to book the consultation and procedure on the same day or separately if you would like more time to consider. Ideally we like to see all patients prior to doing the procedure. We will not refuse anyone on the grounds of marital status, but do not generally perform vasectomy on men under 27 years old.

Your testicles will continue to produce sperm, but after the vasectomy procedure this cannot enter the tubes and is simply reabsorbed into the body. Vasectomy does not affect the production of male hormones. Orgasm and ejaculation are also not affected. The only difference when you ejaculate is that there is no sperm in the fluid – it will look the same.

With no change to your hormones, ejaculation or orgasm, there is no reason why a vasectomy should have a negative impact on your sex life. In fact, many couples find vasectomy improves their sex life – enjoying greater sexual freedom once they no longer have the worry of an unintended pregnancy.

Vasectomy is probably the most effective method of contraception that exists; the failure rate is less than 1%. The sperm-carrying tubes may join together again naturally, but this is rare. If this happens soon after the procedure, we will find out when we test for sperm. We will offer to repeat the vasectomy at no cost to ensure it is successful. Very occasionally, the tubes will rejoin years after the procedure. You will have no way of knowing if this has happened, but if your partner falls unexpectedly pregnant following your vasectomy, we will be able to offer advice and help.

A fast acting local anaesthetic is given before the procedure, which numbs the area. We cannot guarantee that you will feel no discomfort as each person reacts differently, but any discomfort can be relieved with pain-killers.

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